Top Achievements

After long period I spent as a computer programmer and systems analyst, it is my proud to say that top three systems I have designed were:

Kuwait Educational Portal, Ministry of Education

Description: The Ministry of Education intends to have an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) platform that is built and designed on solid foundation Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The new LMS meets MOE requirements and needs and fulfill to build a national MOE LMS that serves all the targeted stakeholders such as Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators, and School Staff. The LMS is based on the international state-of-the-art solution from Learning Possibilities LP+ platform. Preview Design

DotNet Systems Generator

Description: Simple application that generates entire computer software, you just need to specify the database location only, the system output is either completed windows Desktop solution or ASP.Net Website as user wants. Preview Design

General Workflows System

Description: Global Workflows System (GWS) is a scalable solution for individual departments or for the enterprise. GWS can create any type of business communication including letters, policies, contracts, notifications, quotes and more. GWS supports dynamic / Real-Time creation and printing of documents, High-Volume production of documents, and can be delivered by print, fax, email and web. Preview Design

Small Enterprises Resources Planning ERP

Description: ERP Tracks all financial activities such as sales, marketing and payments, human resources, workflows to drive business productivity. Preview Design



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