What Others Said about me?

Small comments written about me from people I worked with in some business, the original and full endorsment is at my profile at Linkedin

Nadeem Nadir Ali Ismaili

Sr. Computer Programmer, Kuwait AWQAF Public Foundation

?Essam is active in technology and management software and has mentality of excellent in the structuring of software operations and architecture. Although simple period I have worked with him, I have noticed that he is much different from other people who work in information technology business because of his ability to understand business needs in depth and always cares of integration among systems.?
September 8, 2011

Awad Abdullah Al-Kanderi

Software Development Director, Ministry of Justice

?Smart .. well educated and always looking for new things to learn .. proud of you and wish you always the best ... never get upset when i tell you read ... read and read .. don't wait others to teach you and always be a step a head :-) Best wishs?
April 2, 2011

Ramadan Ahmed

Java Developer, Beshara Group

?Mr. Essam is a highly innovative technologist and a published thought leader. He understands a broad spectrum of technologies - be it SOA, Enterprise Architecture or Cloud computing.
This is evident from the several podcasts and white papers he has published on these topics. He possesses the ability and superior understanding on how to leverage technology to increase business value and return on investment. He will be a great asset to any organization he joins"
December, 2012

Mohammed Derbashi

IT Consultant - Project Manager, Kuwait National Guard

"I had the pleasure of working under Essam's direction for 3 years months in the Strategic Programs Office as he led a global team on four continents that was responsible for creating portfolio content and demonstration material to be used by the global sales and delivery teams. Essam also led the formulation of the portfolio process. Under Essam's mentor-ship, I learned the value of leading by example."
December, 2012

Brad Tabriz

Head of Analysis and Systems Engineering Department, Leaders Technology Inc.

?I have worked closely with Essam Binzghayo during the past three years while he has served as a Information Technology Supervisor then Systems Analyst in the LTC' Office.
Mr. Binzghayo is an exceptionally motivated and talented young man. I firmly believe that he will be successful in whatever he pursues.
Mr. Binzghayo has a very sharp mind and is very perceptive in his ability to read people and situations. Essam is strongly committed to the organizations for which he works. He assertively addresses problems and exhibits a maturity beyond his years in his approach to situations.
Essam has digested large volumes of information in his role as Systems Analyst. He has shown the ability to clearly explain complex concepts to our clientele. He has developed very strong relationships with his peers and our professional staff.
I am very comfortable with allowing Essam to represent the office to external constituents. This confidence was evidenced by my recent decision to have Essam accompany a group of seniors to a recruiting conference. He effectively interfaced with corporate representatives and gathered a great number of employment leads for clients back at company.
In conclusion, I am certain that Essam will become a very accomplished business person and graduate student in Business. He possesses the right combination of drive, intelligence and interpersonal skills to excel. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this extraordinary young man. ?
September 16, 2011



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